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Solving Lawn Drainage Woes

When it comes to maintaining a lush and healthy lawn in Virginia, one of the biggest challenges homeowners face is dealing with drainage issues. Virginia's climate, characterized by heavy rainfall and humidity, often leads to poor drainage in residential landscapes. Stormwater runoff and erosion can cause costly damage to your home and property when not properly controlled. Redirecting water away from your home and out of your lawn provides peace of mind during the most severe weather events. Sorensen Outdoor Services provides various, long-lasting solutions to ensure your property is protected from Mother Nature. 

Do you have drainage issues?

Puddling - Water accumulation around the foundation, at downspouts, or in the yard after a rain event 

Erosion - Mulch or soil movement after a rain event 

Foundation Issues or Wet basement - Water pooling against the foundation or cracks in your foundation may indicate subsurface drainage issues. 

Stagnant water - Water that continually stands on the property creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

What types of drainage solutions are there? 

Downspout piping - Routing all downspouts away from the home with schedule 35 sewer and drain pipe. 

French Drains - French drains are utilized in yards and along foundations to capture water and move it away from the home. They are best utilized in large areas that collect water and stay wet after rain events. 

Drainage grates - Drain grates capture water in the yard at a single or series of low spots where a large amount of water accumulates. Taking the water underground aids in preventing erosion and keeping the water away from your home. 

Channel Drains - Utilized to catch water running off of hard surfaces, channel drains are commonly utilized around pools, garage doors, and areas where water needs to be collected between two hard surfaces. 

Swales - A swale is a mild ditch to capture runoff and divert it in the desired direction. Swales oftentimes remain grass and are mowable in the landscape 

Creek beds - Open creek beds can serve as a decorative french drain where a large amount of surface water accumulates and needs to be taken underground to prevent erosion. 

Permeable Pavement - Permeable pavement captures water through the joints of the paver surface to be taken underground and stored or dissipated or routed to a desired location for overflow. 

Dry Well - Dry wells are utilized to capture the water from one of the above drainage systems and gradually dissipate the water into the ground. Drywells are also fitted with an overflow system in the event that it fills more rapidly than the water can dissipate into the soil. Overflows are typically routed to the street or a low spot on the property. 

Sorensen Outdoor Services understands the unique drainage needs of Virginia homeowners and offers tailored solutions to address them. We begin by conducting an assessment of your property to identify problem areas and determine the most suitable course of action.

Properly functioning downspouts are crucial for directing rainwater away from your home's foundation and preventing waterlogging in your lawn. We advise homeowners to maintain their downspouts, ensuring they are clean, unclogged, and correctly positioned to channel water away from vulnerable areas.

For more severe drainage issues, such as persistent water pooling or erosion, Sorensen Outdoor Services' sister company Blackvine Design Build offers underground drain installation services. Their team utilizes advanced techniques and high-quality materials to install drains discreetly beneath your lawn, effectively diverting excess water away from problem areas. By strategically placing these drains, they help prevent water buildup and promote healthy soil and grass growth.

Our commitment to professionalism and quality assurance sets us apart from other companies. From the initial consultation to project completion, our team prioritizes clear communication, transparency, and attention to detail. We work efficiently and effectively to minimize disruption to your daily life while delivering long-lasting solutions.

Your satisfaction with your lawn is our end goal. Our mission is to ensure that your lawn drainage issues are resolved but also future-proofed against potential challenges.

Contact us to schedule an assessment of your lawn drainage issues in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. We’ll offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your property's unique needs. 

If you have any questions, we are always here to help.

Shoot us an email at or give us a call or text at 540-845-6203.


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