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Lawn Treatment Programs Combat Crabgrass in Virginia

Understanding How Sorensen Outdoor Services Professional Lawn Treatment Programs Combat Crabgrass in Virginia

Maintaining a beautiful lawn in Virginia comes with its fair share of challenges, one of the most notorious being the relentless invasion of crabgrass. While it may seem like an uphill battle, you can arm yourself with knowledge and enlist the help of Sorensen Outdoor Services professional lawn treatment programs to combat this persistent foe. In this blog post, we'll delve into how a professional lawn treatment program can effectively prevent crabgrass from taking over a tall fescue lawn in Virginia.

Understanding Crabgrass:

Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that thrives in warm climates with ample sunlight and sparse vegetation. It's particularly problematic in Virginia, where the climate provides ideal conditions for its rapid growth. Crabgrass not only competes with desirable turfgrasses like tall fescue but also creates an unsightly and uneven appearance in lawns if left unchecked.

The Role of Tall Fescue:

Tall fescue is a popular cool-season grass species in Virginia known for its resilience and adaptability to a wide range of soil types and climates. However, even tall fescue lawns are susceptible to crabgrass invasion, especially in areas with poor soil conditions or inadequate lawn care practices.

Professional Lawn Treatment Programs:

Sorensen Outdoor’s Professional lawn treatment programs offer comprehensive solutions for maintaining healthy and vibrant lawns, including targeted strategies for crabgrass prevention. These programs involve a series of scheduled treatments throughout the year, tailored to the specific needs of the lawn and local growing conditions.


One of the most effective methods for preventing crabgrass in tall fescue lawns is the application of pre-emergent. These work by creating a barrier in the soil that inhibits the germination and growth of crabgrass seeds. Our professional lawn care technicians are trained to apply pre-emergents at the optimal times, typically in early spring before crabgrass seeds have a chance to germinate.

Soil Health Management:

Healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving lawn, and our professional lawn treatment programs prioritize soil health management as part of our approach to crabgrass prevention. Techniques such as core aeration and soil testing help to improve soil structure, promote better water and nutrient retention, and reduce compaction—all of which contribute to stronger, more resilient turfgrass.

Proper Lawn Maintenance Practices:

In addition to targeted treatments, our professional lawn care programs emphasize the importance of proper maintenance practices for preventing crabgrass. This includes regular mowing at the correct height, adequate watering to promote deep root growth, and overseeding to thicken the turf and choke out weeds like crabgrass.


Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn in Virginia requires a proactive approach to crabgrass prevention, and our professional lawn treatment programs offer the resources needed to combat this stubborn weed effectively. By investing in our comprehensive lawn care program tailored to the specific needs of tall fescue lawns, you can enjoy a weed-free yard that's the envy of the neighborhood. Don't let crabgrass take over—take control of your lawn with our professional lawn treatments today.

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