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Weed Control Builds a Thick, Lush, Healthy Green Lawn 

Weeds are pesky unwanted patches that disrupt the aesthetic of many home lawns. They also out compete the desired turf, robbing them of water, nutrients and sunlight. Weed control is an essential part of any lawn care program, however the best weed control is a thick, lush lawn. 


If allowed to germinate, crabgrass can become the dominant grass in your lawn without consistent weed control applications. Any bare or thin areas will have additional weed pressure that can be addressed through timely weed control applications.

Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Weed Control
Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Virginia Weed Control

9 Common Virginia Lawn Weeds

  • Broadleaf Plantain

  • Crabgrass 

  • Common Chickweed 

  • Dandelion 

  • Hairy Bittercress

  • Henbit 

  • Spotted Spurge

  • White Clover

  • Wild Violet 

Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Weed Control Project


Lawn pre-emergent weed control takes place every spring to prohibit crabgrass and summer annual weeds from germinating as the weather warms. 


Post-emergent lawn applications are also essential throughout the year to eliminate weeds that pop up on the edges or bare spots in your lawn.

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