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Natural Mosquito Control that is Safe for your Family and Pollinators

  • Are you unable to enjoy your outdoor living space with your family because of mosquitos?

  • Mosquitos are nuisance insects that have the potential to spread harmful germs which make humans and animals sick.

  • Our all-natural blend of essential oils controls mosquitos, ticks, and fleas on contact and provides residual protection for approximately 21 days.

  • The products that we use are safe for both your family and the pollinators that are so essential to plant health.

  • We treat areas where mosquitoes are most likely to hide and breed. This includes shrubs and trees, under decks and bay windows, and any standing water.

mosquito control services fredericksburg va
mosquito control services fredericksburg va

Mosquito Control FAQs

  • When can we compost topdress?
    Spring and fall are the optimal times to compost topdress when the turf is actively growing. Flower beds can be topdressed over the winter when plant material is dormant.
  • How much compost should be applied?
    We recommend 1/4" of compost applied in conjunction with aeration services.
  • What is granular compost?
    Granular compost is a pelletized compost that introduces organic matter and microbes into the soil without the cost of traditional bulk topdressing.
Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care fredericksburg va
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