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How Fertilization Nourishes
Your Lawn

Fertilization and micronutrients provide the regular feedings for your lawn to stay lush and green.


Your soil contains many of the nutrients that your lawn needs, but they leach from the soil through irrigation and regular rainfall. Regular lawn fertilization provides consistent and timely nutrients to ensure your lawn is healthy and always looks its best. 

Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Fertilizer Fredericksburg VA
Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Micronutrients Soil Fredericksburg VA

7 Essential Micronutrients for Lawns 

  • Boron (B)

  • Chlorine (Cl)

  • Copper (Cu)

  • Iron (Fe)

  • Manganese (Mn)

  • Molybdenum (Mo)

  • Zinc (Zn)

Micronutrients are most critical in creating the deep green color that we love in our lawns. In order for these nutrients to be most effective, the pH of the soil must be in the optimal range of 6.2-7. This will result in the nutrients becoming available to the plant. Soil testing can determine your pH and whether the micronutrients are available in your soil.

Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Fertilization Fredericksburg VA

The best time to fertilize cool-season grasses in Virginia is between August and November. The best time to fertilize warm-season grasses in Virginia is between April and August. 

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