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What Is Compost Topdressing?

  • Compost is decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer and soil amendment

  • Topdressing is spreading a thin layer of compost over your lawn or flowerbeds to improve the soil structure

  • Compost topdressing is most frequently completed with a core aeration

    • This allows for compost to penetrate the soil into the root zone of your turf

  • Compost contains beneficial microbes that bring your soil to life

  • These microbes break down break down grass clippings and the thatch layer of your lawn to provide long lasting nutrients

  • Composting at seeding time provides a seed bed that improves seed germination

compost topdressing fredericksburg va
compost topdressing fredericksburg va

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Compost Topdressing?

  1. Reduces soil compaction

  2. Increases water retention within the soil profile

  3. Adds microbes that encourage a deep green lawn

  4. Allows roots to grow deeper and healthier

  5. Reduces watering needs during the most demanding months of the year

Compost Topdressing FAQs

  • When can we compost topdress?
    Spring and fall are the optimal times to compost topdress when the turf is actively growing. Flower beds can be topdressed over the winter when plant material is dormant.
  • How much compost should be applied?
    We recommend 1/4" of compost applied in conjunction with aeration services.
  • What is granular compost?
    Granular compost is a pelletized compost that introduces organic matter and microbes into the soil without the cost of traditional bulk topdressing.
compost topdressing fredericksburg va
Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care fredericksburg va


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