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How Aeration & Overseeding Invigorates Your Lawn

Aeration and overseeding your lawn is an essential component of cool season grass in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Throughout the year, soil can become compacted from regular lawn traffic, watering, and mowing. This will cause your lawn to lose its vigor if not regularly aerated. Core aeration pulls plugs from the soil to reduce compaction and allow for water and air to readily reach the root system of your lawn. Aeration ensures that the roots of your lawn can grow deep into the earth.

We aerate your lawn in two directions, utilize hand aerators around the edges, and utilize premium fertilizers and seed. These practices and products result in a thick green lawn.

Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Aeration and Overseeding
Sorensen Outdoor Services Lawn Care Aeration and Overseeding

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass more effectively

  • Improves drainage, promotes root growth, improves resiliency, improves fertilizer and water uptake, and allows nutrients to work deeper into the soil

  • Reduces soil compaction and reduces the chance of puddling

  • Allows roots to grow deep in the soil

Why Overseed Your Lawn?
  • Overseeding fills in summer lawn damage or patches where weeds have been killed off throughout the course of the year

  • Overseeding improves the density of your lawn, boosts your lawn’s color, and builds your lawn’s resistance to disease and drought

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Reseeding season begins the first week of September and continues through the end of October. Fall is the best time to perform reseeding as it is warm during the day with cool nights for a sustained period. Germination of your new seed takes between 7-21 days.